I'm a doctoral candidate in mathematics at the University of Colorado. My academic background is at the intersection of group theory, graph theory, combinatorics, and supercomputing. Specifically, I research distributed partition backtrack algorithms to solve permutation group problems for which no known polynomial runtime solution exists.
I'm a senior data scientist at Rally (CA Agile Central) in Boulder, Colorado. I'm also a developer of the Sage open-source mathematics software system.
I once moved in to an apartment and found a few handmade rugs in a closet. One had a confusing notch in it, but I found that it fit perfectly around my toilet. I admired the previous tenant and genius for designing a rug that kept my feet warm while on the pot. Visitors commented on how great the rug was. Then, I saw someone wearing a similar rug, and realized it was a poncho. I kept my toilet rug.
My Ignite talk
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